Team FastEddy Toe Block for Losi 5ive Anti Squat



Until now there has been no way to adjust the rear toe on the Losi 5ive. With several choices of rear toe in you can now better tune your Losi 5ive for any track or bash outing. Team FastEddy now offers 3 choices. 0° – 1° – 2° With 2° Anti Squat
More rear Toe results in less on-power steering and slightly more steering entering into a corner.
Less rear Toe results in more on-power steering and slightly less entering a corner.
Less rear Toe will also increase straightaway speed, due to less tire scrub.

COST: $20.99

Modified RC Center Diff Mount Set For Losi 5IVE-T



Center Diff Mount Set By Modified RC

This center diff mount set features extra wide feet on the top and bottom of the uprights, this prevents rocking when the diff mount contacts the clutch housing during extreme chassis flex. Bearing removal is made easy with the use of O-rings in the bearing bores, they allow a nice snug fit without using a press fit on the aluminum bearing bores.

Whats Included:

  • Two huge 15x28x7 diff bearings, the rear bearing has a custom inner race modified for this application.
  • Four brake actuator bearings(top and bottom, front and rear).
  • Four different sets of brake screws so you can run single or dual brakes on the front or rear, in any combination you choose.
  • Two nylock nuts(for front) and two thin nuts(for rear) for locking the brake adjustment screws in position.
  • Two aluminum lower brake disc guides to keep the discs in line, they work with single and dual brakes(front and rear) and are easy to remove and attach.
  • Four extra long mounting screws to mount the uprights to the chassis.
  • Four extra long mounting screws to mount the uprights to the top plate.
  • Two small O-rings that slide over the brake actuators and against the top plate, so the upper brake bearings in the top plate stay clean.


DDM Dominator® Tuned Pipe for Losi 5ive-T



Dominator® Tuned Pipe for Losi 5ive-T by DDM

New from DDM! This new Dominator® pipe was developed through months of extensive in-house testing and prototyping, and custom-designed for maximum performance. This new Dominator® pipe for your Losi 5ive will give you the power you crave! Gives snappy low-end response, as well as huge power boosts through the midrange, and top RPMs.

The DDM Dominator® pipe features top-quality steel alloy construction, flexible header coupling, ultra-sturdy adjustable mounting system, and jaw-dropping high polish show chrome finish. Includes genuine Zenoah exhaust gasket, installation instructions, and mounting hardware. In addition to incredible performance and appearance, this pipe boasts a rock-solid mounting system, ensuring your pipe will be well-protected. Installs and removes quickly and easily for ease of use. Separate header piece allows for quicker removal, while also allowing for fitment adjustment.

A pre-bent silicone exhaust tube connects to the end of the pipe, and flows the exhaust out the side of the vehicle. The mounting design of this pipe keeps engine removal from your chassis a breeze. The pipe is mounted completely to the engine so removal and maintenance is just as easy as before. As the Losi is 4WD and heavy, it is underpowered in the area of low end torque.

In designing this pipe, we focused primarily on this area. It is a beast on low end, and results in significant top end gains as well. This pipe keeps its weight centered over the engine and the center of the car – so you don’t have to deal with the car being unevenly weighted to the side or rear. When the roll cage/body are put back onto the truck, there is still plenty of clearance and room to spare. Access to the pull starter remains unrestricted.

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